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11th Anniversary 
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Aloha, and God bless you! 
  Here at Maui Intersection Church, , we focus on the senior's at Roselani Place,  and the homeless population on Maui.
  We believe the Lord has called us to share His Word, to increase their faith, and give them hope, and show them Gods love. 

  The Ministry started in August of 2007 when we came home from an 8 year journey in Arizona.
 Our first service on Sunday starts at 12:30pm at Kalama beach park in kihei, where you can find us under a tree or in the bandstand, there we minister to mostly the homeless population, we start with worship, and pray for their needs.  Then we bless the food and share lunch together.  as we have lunch we share the Word, we really see what God can do in people’s lives.

  Our second service is at 3:30pm at Roselani Place on 88 South Papa St. in kahului, where we minister to mostly senior's, we start with worship, and prayer.  Then we share the Word of God, and we see lives changed, even men and women in their senior years repent, and come to know Jesus!

If you would like to bless this ministry please use the donate key

 or send donations to:

The Maui Intersection Church
P.O. Box 330343
Kahului, Hawaii 96733 

We would like to encourage you to come and help, you can reach us at :
See you soon,                               may God richly bless you!

 Join us at Kalama Beach Park 
 Every Sunday at 12:30pm, as we           minister to the homeless through the    preaching of the Word, food, prayer     and counseling.
Senior Pastors Matt and Lei Jim

Associate pastor - 
Joseph "Kipa" Bustillo, 

Associate pastor - 
Victor M. Garcia 

Associate Pastor
David Lee Blanton